Platform: Android 2.1 and higher

  Cost: $1.99 USD

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Mew Media Player Pro redefines the music player experience by making it easier to browse your music library without the cumbersome navigation. Simple layout, flexible play order options and smart features will quickly make it your music player of choice. Try it today!

Everything you see is clickable! Be sure to view the Help Screen to fully learn about Mew's capabilities and features - such as viewing the Genres and Compilations tabs, bringing up context menus and searching.

Supports mp3. Other audio formats still being tested.

  • Lists songs by artists, albums, genres, compilations and playlists
  • Flexible play options - forward, reverse and shuffle
  • Shuffle songs, artists, albums, genres and playlists
  • Convenient back button allows you to go back in case you accidentally click another song
  • Tab-based search makes it easy to find music
  • Build Playlist Mode makes it easy to create and modify playlists

  • No advertisements
  • Home screen widget
  • Perform minor ID3v2 and ID3v1 edits, create ID3v2 tags, and force the Android database to accept title, artist and album changes
  • Delete files within the application
  • Create playlists from search results